Does your business need ECM?
Taming the content beast with Enterprise Content Management
18 May, 2017 by
Does your business need ECM?
Stephen Schmidt

Most companies start looking at Enterprise Content Management when they start to realize that information is the company gold.  Then next stage comes when a a company begins to understand how much money and time is being used to move, store and access documents without really getting the true value our of the process.  It is about then someone says - why can Google find any document on the internet and we can't find our own documents?

Here are 6 questions to help you decide if it is time to start looking at ECM for your company.

1. Do you have too much paper (physically or as mail attachments) moving around your office and slowing down processes?

2. Is there only one person in your office that "knows" where the most important documents and files are kept?

3. Are documents versions and approvals important in your customer and supplier relationship?

4. Are there regulatory compliance demands for documents in your business sector?

5. Do processes "stop" because someone has not seen or signed a particular document? 

If you recoognise these problems in your company - you probably will find the solutions you need in a ECM like Alfresco.  Open Source ECM that is flexible and more cost effective than any other commercial product on the market.  Contact us if you want a demo or help to evaluate the cost and benefits of implementing ECM.

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Does your business need ECM?
Stephen Schmidt
18 May, 2017
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